We sell a complete range of manhole components, all of which are certified to I.S. 420: 1989 and I.S. 420: 2004 in conjunction with ISEN 1917 and supersedes I.S. 420: 1989 in October 2004

Advantages of Precast Manholes

The main advantages of precast concrete manhole units over in situ concrete construction are:

  • Units are factory produced to I.S. 420: 1989, I.S. 420: 2004 and I.S. EN 1917
  • They are manufactured in wide range of sizes and depths.
  • They are simple to assemble requiring relatively unskilled labour on site.
  • Units are capable of being constructed as flexible watertight structures.
  • They are supplied fitted with steps to EN 13101: 2002 Class C
  • The structure is durable with its own inherent strength

Manhole Covers

The cover slabs, which are all reinforced concrete, have a different thickness for different diameters. All are provided with a 600mm (min) diameter opes and a socketed base which allows a butyl sealant joint to the top chamber section. We also provide a range of Steel Manhole Covers to suit all manholes